Sasha doesn’t have time for your shit, Jean

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u know u an 840 kid when u remember the fall of wall maria

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take me to a museum. kiss me on the steps. shove the Mona Lisa up my ass

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never underestimate the power of a low quality webcam to make you look good in a selfie

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Why I’m no longer a feminist.



When I first moved to my new house and had 0 friends, I LOVED the feminist movement. It gave me something to do cause I was on my computer all day. I got to put my anger somewhere. Me being unhappy was a result of the patriarchy and not because I was scared of leaving the house. I was a victim. I remember telling my mom she should stop being a housewife and should do something. I gave my grandmas birthday money to planned parenthood. I berated my boyfriend about not knowing who pussy riot was and told him i never wanted to marry him. Feminism hurt me and my relationships. 

Why am I no longer a feminist? Cause I’m happy :)

No. I’m sorry but. Feminism didn’t hurt you. You hurt you.

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some people were born today. hello babies welcome to the earth. you missed a bunch of stuff while you were busy not existing. jbiebs did some things you would not believe

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I’m not even gomen

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a little respect goes a long way

we’re not machines that dispense art in return for kindness, maybe try to keep that in mind about how we might feel instead of feeling bad because you’re not entitled to free art.

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i have unlimited texting and i only text 3 people ever i think my phone company looks at my bill and just laughs

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when your notp is the most popular ship in the fandom


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The ending credits for Paint It, White are my favorite. 

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Here’s to the Crazy Ones. The ones who can change the world.


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